Propane-Tank Installation and Wireless Propane-Tank Monitors

Seymour Oil & Propane helps you be secure in your propane supply

tank sizesWhen you buy a propane tank, you have the option of choosing your propane vendor. However, you must pay for the tank and its installation. And you are solely responsible for ensuring that the tank is in good working order and that it is maintained correctly.

With Seymour Oil & Propane’s affordable and worry-free propane-tank leasing, you won’t have to deal with any of that! We’ll maintain your tank and make sure it’s in good working order, meeting our stringent safety standards. We also provide expert propane tank installation, both aboveground and underground.

Propane tanks for every need

The size of tank you’ll require is determined by what you use propane for at home, how many propane appliances you have, and your yearly consumption. We’ll go over all the details of your propane usage and requirements with you to ensure that you get the best tank for your home.

tank monitoringSeymour Oil & Propane carries a wide range of propane tank sizes, so we’ll have the right one for you.

56-gallon tank. Do you have one or two propane appliances, such as a range or a fireplace? This tank should be large enough to suit those demands.

120-gallon tank. This tank is designed for homes with two or three propane appliances, such as a fireplace, a clothes dryer, a water heater, or a range. It isn’t big enough for whole-house heating.

320-gallon tank. This is the tank to go with if you have three or more propane appliances.

500-gallon tank. If you heat your home with propane, this size tank is recommended, especially if you have other propane appliances.

1,000-gallon tank These large tanks are most commonly used in commercial settings. However, if you have a big house with many gas appliances and utilize propane for pool heating, you may need this size.

Wireless propane-tank monitoring for peace of mind

If you use propane, you’ll appreciate wireless propane-tank monitoring, which is the ultimate in ease, convenience and security.

Our top-quality Nee-Vo wireless propane-tank monitors will track precisely how much fuel is in your tank and let us know the moment that your gauge levels reach a predetermined percentage. Then we can schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. Not only that, you can track your propane usage yourself with the Nee-Vo app!

Become a CustomerIf your propane use is unpredictable, a wireless propane tank monitor might be a necessity. This applies to those who travel frequently or live somewhere else part of the year. Or you may experience a surge in usage, such as when adult children come to visit or elderly parents move in with you. Your propane usage will increase more than you might expect, between extra use of your propane water heater, range, clothes dryer and other appliances. You don’t want this to put you at risk for a runout.

Wireless propane-tank monitors are also recommended for second homes and rental properties. You can check the propane supply there without leaving your home and can even monitor multiple tanks with our app.

From Watertown to Woodbridge and all around western Connecticut, Seymour Oil & Propane is the leader for quality propane tank services. Get in touch with us and join the family of satisfied Seymour Oil & Propane customers!

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