Pricing and Payment Options

Seymour Oil & Propane makes managing your propane costs easy and stress-free!

payment budgetsOne of the advantages of getting your fuel from Seymour Oil & Propane is that we are a local, family-owned company. We have better insights when it comes to our customers’ needs and concerns than a big national company does.

Instead of the one-size-fits-all pricing and payment plans they offer, we have created pricing and payment choices that you can choose from so that you can manage your propane costs in the way that best works for you!

Automatic Delivery

With our FREE Automatic Delivery plan, you don’t have to do a thing to get your propane. We use your propane-usage history and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more propane and schedule a delivery before you run low. You get all that ease and convenience with a discount of 10¢ per gallon too!

SimplePay Plan

If you look at your Seymour Oil & Propane statements over the past year, you’ll likely see that your usage, and thus costs, vary from month to month, especially if you use propane for home heating. Become a Customer With our SimplePay Plan, your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy, even monthly payments. Planning your household budget gets a lot simpler!


Never worry about being late with your propane payment again. When you enroll in AutoPay, your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to your credit card.

Fixed Price

Did you know that propane prices are traditionally lower in the summer? When you enroll in our Fixed Price program, you can take advantage of that by locking in your propane costs for the heating season during the summer. You won’t pay more per gallon than that agreed-upon price.

Energy-Assistance Program

We understand that times can be tough for some of our customers. Because we’re your neighbors and we care about you, we want to make sure you always have the propane you need to keep your home warm, safe and comfortable. If you’re struggling to pay your Seymour Oil & Propane bill, please contact us and we’ll work with you for a solution. We also work with local organizations that provide energy-assistance services.

Take advantage of the personal, responsive services offered by Seymour Oil & Propane. Become a customer today!

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