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If you use propane in your Oxford home, you know that it’s an efficient, versatile fuel. With dependable delivery from Seymour Oil & Propane, along with our expert equipment services, you can make the most of propane, so your home will be warm, safe, and comfortable!

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Complete propane services done right

Propane delivery: Seymour Oil & Propane makes getting your propane as easy as pie! With our Automatic Delivery program, we track your propane supply by studying your usage history along with current and upcoming weather to know when you’ll need more fuel. Then we make delivery before you run low. Not only do you not have to lift a finger, but you also get a discount of 10¢ per gallon!

Propane tank installation and leasing: Need a propane tank for your home? We have you covered! We install a wide range of sizes, of both aboveground and underground models, so you’ll get the right tank for your needs. And with our affordable propane tank leasing, you don’t have a lot of hassle or expenses!

Wireless propane tank monitoring: If you want absolute precision with your propane supply, wireless propane tank monitoring is ideal. It lets us know, 24 hours a day, exactly how much propane is in your tank. When you need more, it sends us a notification and we schedule delivery. Tank monitoring is also great for income properties.

Pricing and payment options: Seymour Oil & Propane gives you choices so that you can manage your propane costs in a way that best suits you. Our SimplePay Plan lets you spread your propane costs out into 12 manageable installments. Fixed Price protects you all winter from any surprise propane price spikes because you’ll never pay a cent more than that fixed price.

Propane appliances: Propane appliances offer efficiency, comfort, and an upgraded lifestyle. We sell, install, maintain and repair propane heating systems and water heaters. We also sell, install and service central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits. Our affordable service plans help you keep your equipment in peak condition while shielding you from big repair bills.

Gas line installations: Thanks to our team of experienced plumbers, we can run gas lines into your home—to new locations for propane appliances, from your propane tank to a propane whole-house backup generator, or even from your propane tank to a built-in grill!

Commercial propane services: If your business uses propane, get responsive and reliable commercial propane services from family-owned, locally based Seymour Oil & Propane. We offer bulk propane delivery customized to your needs, propane tank services, and personalized forklift cylinder exchanges.

Your Oxford neighbors really like Seymour Oil & Propane!

I recently moved to a new area, and I made the mistake of using another large national company (that the prior owner used to use) for delivery of propane. That other company was awful. They overbilled, refused to address those billing issues, and although the driver was nice, they were impossible to work with. My neighbor suggested Seymour Oil & Propane. They are a locally owned and operated business. They have been friendly and completely reliable. The same family also runs a great plumbing supply shop in Seymour. They helped me find a part for an out-of-date water heater, saving me from spending to replace the water heater and sparing me from extended days without hot water — I was back on line that afternoon. The driver is extremely friendly, and I look forward to seeing him when he comes by. If he comes to fill my neighbor’s tank, he always asks me if I need a fill as well. Thanks to Seymour Oil & Propane, my family has been kept warm all winter with no hassles. I sleep better at night knowing that we are supporting a local business and not a giant public corporation where we were just an account number and an opportunity to make extra money.” – Tom C.

It is clear that this is a family-owned business from the amazing service and commitment to their customers. Although they came highly recommended to me, I still shopped around, but only to find that no other company compared with their price, delivery time and personal attention. Even the delivery driver is awesome. I will highly recommend this company to everyone I know and whoever else needs to know.” – Elizabeth D.

Oxford: A small town with a lot to offer!

What is now Oxford was originally part of Derby and was a primarily agricultural area that was also a route for bringing livestock from Litchfield County down to the port of New Haven.
Oxford was incorporated in 1798. Farming remained the primary industry in the area for a long time, with dairy and poultry farms dominating. Later, many Oxford residents found factory work in nearby towns such as Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Bridgeport.

Today, Oxford is one of the fastest growing towns in Connecticut, but it still retains a lot of its country charm. You can enjoy dining out at old-time inns, family restaurants, diners, pizza parlors, tearooms, and more. Head over to Rich Farm for some of the best ice cream in the state. Southford Falls State Park is beautiful any time of year and is a great place to get away from it all.

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