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propane in new haven countyPeople in western Connecticut are discovering how propane can improve their home’s value and their quality of life. They’re also realizing that they can enjoy the benefits of propane with dependable services from Seymour Oil & Propane. We provide:

Become a CustomerPropane can’t be beat for efficient, comfortable home heating. With propane, you may enjoy the precise, immediate temperature control and consistent heating that a gas range offers when there is no natural-gas service available in your area. With a propane tankless water heater, you can have limitless hot water whenever you need it. A propane clothes dryer speeds up laundry day by drying your clothing 25% faster than an equivalent electric model, with fewer wrinkles and less wear. At the push of a button, propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts provide you with warmth and a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

In the case of an outage, you can rely on a propane whole-house backup generator to keep your home secure and pleasant. Not only do the lights stay on, but your food in the fridge and the freezer stays cold, while you’ll have electricity for things like air conditioning, electronics and home medical equipment.

With appliances that have a smaller environmental impact and more energy efficiency than traditional electric versions, you’ll enjoy lower energy costs and be doing your part for the planet as well.

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