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Get the benefits of propane for your home!

gas line installationPropane does so much around your home to make life better and more comfortable.

You get energy-efficient heating of your home and your water. Cooking is a pleasure with a propane range. Enjoy the easy, cozy comfort of a propane fireplace or fireplace insert. Propane space heaters make unheated spaces like sunporches and garages usable year-round. Keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages with a propane whole-house backup generator.

To enjoy these and more amenities, you need a propane tank and a gas line connecting it to your home. As a full-service propane company, Seymour Oil & Propane has you covered.

Our expert plumbers will safely and properly run gas lines where you need them, meeting all codes for installation.

In addition to running propane gas lines into your home, we also run lines to outdoor propane appliances and whole-house backup generators.

Become a CustomerGrilling with propane is great. When you connect a propane grill to your home’s propane tank, you never need to worry again about refilling or exchanging cylinders. You’ll have all the propane you need for grilling any time of year!

Propane is vastly superior to electricity for heating a pool or a spa tub, warming the water in a fraction of the time a comparable electric pool or spa heater does, and with much better energy efficiency.

Between hurricanes in the summer, nor’easters in the winter, run-of-the-mill storms, and car accidents, homes here in western Connecticut are vulnerable to losing power. A propane whole-house backup generator keeps the lights on, the food in the refrigerator and freezer safely cold, electronics charged and running, and the sump pump operating.

Do you need a gas line run to your home or outdoor propane appliances? Get in touch with us today and Seymour Energy Services will get the job done!

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