Fill Your Heating Oil Tank Before Summer

Written on: May 23, 2022

Keeping a Full Tank Prevents Expensive Repairs

heating oil delivery connecticutWe all have a lot on our plates as spring marches toward summer. This is the period when homeowners clean house, plant gardens and tackle other home projects they’ve been putting off.

But while we’re all enjoying the warm western Connecticut days, there’s another critical safeguard for your home — arranging a heating oil delivery.

That might seem strange to you. After all, we’re entering a part of the year when you won’t be heating your home. Filling your fuel oil tank now is a great idea, though, because it keeps your oil storage and equipment safe.

Fill that tank and prevent repairs down the line

It’s an excellent call to keep your oil tank at least half-full during the warm seasons.

Why? Empty space is terrible news for oil tanks. It allows condensation to form inside, and condensation is a tank’s nemesis. They’re more prone to it during the summer, with its warm days and cooler nights.

But why is condensation so bad? When water forms on the interior walls of the empty part of the tank, it finds its way to the bottom over time. That’s because oil and water don’t mix, and water is heavier. Water settling on the bottom of the tank creates an ideal environment to grow bacteria and other microorganisms. This sediment can damage the tank itself, and it will eventually enter your fuel lines and clog them. You could end up with a pricy repair visit to get your heating equipment back online.

The simplest, best way to prevent this is to get your tank topped off before the summer.

Don’t worry — your heating oil won’t spoil

Some customers worry that the fuel in their oil tank will go bad over the summer, but there’s no need to fret. The average lifespan of home heating oil ranges from 18 to 24 months. And that life span is extended for the premium, high-quality heating oil that Seymour Oil & Propane delivers. It’s treated with additives that act as a fuel preservative.

So, we strongly encourage you to arrange one last oil delivery before the summer. You’ll have a good choice of appointments since the cold weather is past. Plus, you’ll be ready with a full tank for next winter!

Seymour Oil & Propane is the most trusted heating oil distributor in the region. Get in touch with us to arrange a delivery!