How To Know If Your Propane Is Running Out

Written on: April 24, 2023

Don’t run out of fuel for your heating, hot water and major appliances.

propane supplier New Haven county ct One of the reasons that propane is such a popular home fuel in western Connecticut is its versatility. That stationary propane tank on your property can supply fuel for your boiler or furnace, water heater, stove, dryer and many other appliances and amenities.

Of course, none of this equipment will work if you’re out of propane. Here are some ways you can tell if you’re running out of fuel — plus some ways that Seymour Oil & Propane can help.

How do you check your tank gauge?

Every home propane tank is equipped with a gauge that provides information about how full it is. You can generally find the gauge under the dome lid on top of your tank. It will look like a speedometer in your car. The numbers on the gauge go from five to 95, each number representing a percentage fill. If the gauge reads 40, your tank is 40 percent full with fuel.

Please note that an aboveground tank will only be filled up to 80 percent. Leaving 20 percent of empty space allows room for the propane to safely expand and contract inside.

How low is too low for a propane tank?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t let your tank level fall below 30 percent. Keeping ample propane helps positive pressure inside the tank. Scheduling a propane delivery before your fuel level falls too low is also crucial to preventing an unexpected runout.

And propane runouts are bad news for many reasons. If you run out of fuel, we are required to perform a test on your system before turning your home’s gas supply back on. This can be an inconvenient and expensive process.

How can you track your propane levels more easily?

At Seymour Oil & Propane, we understand that people get busy, and sometimes checking a propane tank gauge can slip your mind. That’s why we offer two ways to protect yourself against accidental runouts.

With our free Automatic Delivery option, you never need to check your tank levels. We handle it for you, tracking your fuel usage via a computerized calculation that accounts for your customer history and current weather patterns. With this system, we determine when your tank is approaching 30 percent and deliver propane right when you need it. And this service gets even better: Automatic Delivery customers get a discount on every gallon on their propane!

For even more peace of mind — especially if your propane usage is more unpredictable — we recommend installing a wireless propane tank monitor. Our Nee-Vo monitors attach directly to your propane tank in a matter of minutes. They deliver real-time data on how much fuel you have. We track this data and know precisely when to deliver your propane. You can also follow the data using a free Nee-Vo app. Wherever you are, you’ll know exactly how much fuel is in your tank.

Make worrying about runouts a thing of the past. Get in touch with us to set up propane tank monitoring.