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heating servicesThe average low temperature in January here in western Connecticut is around 22˚ Fahrenheit. And when the polar vortex comes to town, the thermometer can go much lower than that.

Having a heating system that you know will keep your home safe and comfortable is essential. Seymour Oil & Propane is your one-stop-shop for furnaces and boilers. We sell top-quality models from leading manufacturers, both oil-fired and gas-fired. The HVAC-equipment experts at our showroom, located at 145 Bank Street in Seymour, will thoroughly discuss your needs, the size of your home, and your budget so that you get the heating system you require.

We can also help you secure affordable 0% financing through Synchrony Bank and Energize Connecticut. Please click here to read more on how you can may eligible for a loan to purchase and install an energy-efficient heating system. Also our affordable service plans help make boiler and furnace repair and maintenance easier. Learn more here.

Expert furnace and boiler installation

Become a Customer We have an outstanding team of HVAC-service technicians, as well as licensed plumbers and electricians, so we can handle anything you need for your boiler or furnace installation.

Our team will make sure that your new boiler or furnace is installed correctly, to the manufacturer’s specifications and to the highest safety standards.

Repair or replace?

As your boiler or furnace gets on in years, you are going to be facing more frequent repairs, as well as more expensive repairs, with each passing heating season.

What factors do you consider when determining when it’s time to replace your boiler or furnace? If the cost of repair is greater than 50% of the cost of a new unit, repairing rather than replacing is not a financially smart option. A new heating system is the best long-term investment.

Boilers and furnaces today are far more energy-efficient than those produced even just a decade ago, so the first time you switch yours on, you’ll get a return on your investment because your heating expenses will go down.

Quality furnace and boiler repair

Whether we installed your home’s heating system or not, you can count on us for dependable boiler and furnace service.

Our thorough annual maintenance tune-ups help keep your boiler or furnace running at its best possible efficiency, meaning you’ll save on home-heating energy costs. We also have the opportunity to spot and fix issues before they become bigger problems, which protects you from large repair bills and extends your heating system’s life expectancy.

If you do need boiler or furnace repair, Seymour Oil & Propane’s emergency-response team is here for you around the clock, with priority emergency service for our customers. Even if you’re not a Seymour Oil & Propane customer, we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Seymour Energy Services is the Naugatuck Valley’s leader for outstanding furnace and boiler service. Contact us today to take care of your home’s heating needs!

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