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air conditioning and mini splitsSummers can get pretty hot and sticky here in western Connecticut. With average temperatures in the 80s during the day and 70s at night, fans often don’t cut it.

Air conditioning in homes is being seen by many today as a necessity rather than as the luxury it was just a few generations ago.

If you’re looking to add air conditioning to your home, or to replace your existing A/C, Seymour Oil & Propane has everything you need! Our HVAC experts will make sure you get the right air conditioning system, give you a FREE estimate, and may be able to help you secure 0% financing through Synchrony Bank and Energize Connecticut. We also have regular specials on air conditioning. Our team of experienced service technicians and licensed electricians will handle your air conditioning installation with care and skill.

Whether you have central A/C or ductless mini-splits, you also get expert maintenance and repair services from Seymour Oil & Propane. Become a Customer We’ll help keep your air conditioning running smoothly and at its peak efficiency.

When should I replace my central air conditioning?

Consider how your home’s central A/C performed last season. Were your energy bills greater than usual? Could your system keep your property cool during hot spells? Were there any issues?

If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new central air conditioner, it isn’t financially sensible to keep repairing. A new central air conditioning system will help you save money on your energy costs, and, with regular professional maintenance, keep your home cool and comfortable for years to come.

Another incentive to replace your home’s central air conditioning is if you’ve built a house addition or added finished space such as in the attic. Your present cooling system is most likely being pushed beyond its cooling capacity. That can result in breakdowns and a shorter life span. Replacing your existing central air conditioner with a system tailored to your new house size will save on energy costs while providing better comfort.

Mini-Splits: A great choice for home cooling

A lot of homes here in western Connecticut use boilers for home heating, especially in older buildings. Those homes don’t have the ductwork that is needed for central air conditioning.

The cost of installing ductwork on top of installing central air conditioning makes it prohibitively expensive. It’s also a lengthy, messy job that will disrupt your home life for days, if not weeks.

People who live in houses without ductwork have long believed that the only way to keep their homes cool is with window air conditioners. However, those are inefficient, unsightly and unsafe. They also block light and allow pollen, dust, dirt and bugs to enter.

Ductless mini-splits keep your home cool while providing greater energy efficiency without the need for ductwork! They are quiet, unobtrusive, and provide zoned cooling.

Be ready for summer’s heat waves with quality air conditioning and mini-split services from Seymour Energy Services! Contact us to get started.

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