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heating oil tanksIf your home is like most that use heating oil, the heating-oil tank is tucked away either in the cellar or in an inconspicuous place outside.

You likely only notice it when you go to check your fuel-gauge levels. By the way, our Automatic Delivery option for heating-oil delivery makes that chore a thing of the past.

If your heating-oil tank begins to fail or, worse, fails completely, it will certainly catch your attention. Heating-oil tank failure is a costly hassle. To begin, you must have your tank removed from your home by a professional. Any leaked heating oil must be cleaned up, again by a professional. Finally, you must replace your tank.

Make sure you regularly inspect your heating-oil tank, and if you see any problems, contact Seymour Oil & Propane right away. Our heating-oil experts will help you remove your old tank and replace it with a top-quality heating-oil tank built to last several decades.

Become a CustomerSeymour Oil & Propane offers all the standard sizes of heating-oil tanks for both residential and commercial use.

How do I know if I need to replace my heating-oil tank?

While heating-oil tanks are quite durable, they don’t last forever.
Don’t wait until your tank fails and you’re faced with the hassle and expense of cleaning up spilled heating oil. Your heating-oil tank lets you know when it’s beginning to fail—you just need to inspect it regularly and look for the following signs:

  • pinhole leaks on the tank
  • condensation remaining on the outside of the tank even after a heating-oil delivery
  • blistering of the paint on the tank

If you see any of these, contact us right away so that we can replace your tank before it fails.

How can you keep your heating-oil tank from corroding? Maintain a full tank all summer! Warm weather and bare walls inside a heating-oil tank promote condensation, making it more prone to corrosion and to the formation of heating-oil sludge that might clog your fuel lines and cause your furnace or boiler to quit. During the summer, a full tank means you’ll be ready whenever the first cold spell strikes without having to worry about running out of heating oil.

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