Electrical Service in Naugatuck, Shelton and Derby, CT

Seymour Energy Services is here for you!


Much of the electrical work in your home is not a do-it-yourself project. If you mess it up, you are putting your home and your family’s safety at risk. That’s why having an electrical-services company you can count on for outstanding work done to the highest standards for safety is essential.

For many of your western Connecticut neighbors, Seymour Energy Services is that company. We’ve been serving local homes and businesses for more than 30 years. We are fully licensed and insured.

Seymour Energy Services is a full-service provider of electrical repairs and service. Here are just some of the services we perform for our customers.

New home construction

We have decades of experience in working with local building companies and contractors for homes of all sizes and styles.

Become a Customer You can rest assured that the electrical installations we do for your new home will meet all safety standards, pass all inspections and make your home a comfortable place to be.

Residential service upgrades

Today’s homes use electricity in many more ways than homes of a few generations ago. There are central air conditioning systems, computers, televisions, home-entertainment systems, home-security systems, home assistants like Amazon Alexa, kitchen appliances such as microwaves and multicookers, and chargers for phones, laptops and tablets.

Older homes may not be able to handle the larger electric load, especially if you add appliances with large electrical demands like central air conditioning,a sump pump, a hot tub, a dishwasher or double ovens.

Our trained, licensed and experienced electricians will thoroughly inspect your current electrical system and discuss your electrical use. From there, we’ll upgrade your electrical panel from 60 or 100 amps to 200, working with your local electrical utility and your town’s building department to make sure it passes inspection.

Lighting services

Lighting does so much for your home. It provides proper illumination for tasks like reading, cooking and hobbies as well as a comfortable atmosphere.

Seymour Energy Services can help with all sorts of lighting projects in your home. We’ll replace old ceiling fixtures and sconces with new ones, making sure they’re installed correctly and safely. If you want to add recessed lighting to your home, or put under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen, we can install them. If you need to replace switches or outlets, or add more, we can do that for you.

Other services

Home renovations are big here in western Connecticut, as we have so many wonderful older homes that need some TLC. Whether you’re building an addition, renovating the kitchen or bathrooms, or finishing an attic or sunroom to make an all-season living space, we’ll work with your contractor to make sure the job is done right and to your specifications.

Between tropical storms in the summer and nor’easters in the winter, there are plenty of opportunities for power lines to come down. That’s why so many homes and businesses here are adding standby generators. We will do the electrical hookup for your standby generator so that when the power goes out, your home stays safe and comfortable.

Pools are great to have in the summer. We do the wiring for pool filtration and lighting.

From Oxford to Milford, you can trust Seymour Energy Services to provide high-quality electrical services for your home. Contact us today and we’ll get to work for you!