Drain Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

Written on: October 23, 2023

Our top-notch plumbers can get your clogged drains moving.

drain cleaning New Haven county, ct How often has a relaxing weekend been upended by a sink, bathtub, garbage disposal or other fixture that won’t drain? Have you ever walked into the kitchen for your morning coffee only to be knocked back by a sour stench coming from your sink or dishwasher?

When drains become clogged or dirty, it can significantly impact your comfort and derail your activities. The Seymour Oil & Propane plumbing team is always available to help with drain cleaning and other plumbing services in Southbury, New Haven, Oxford and more western Connecticut cities and towns.

Here are answers to some frequently asked drain questions our team hears.

What causes drains to become clogged?

If you have a sink that starts draining slowly or stops draining altogether, the culprit is generally an accumulation of substances in the drainpipe. Bathroom clogs often involve hair, dirt, soap or even kids’ bath toys. Kitchen clogs are more often the result of lodged food or grease. Have a clogged utility sink? Since these receptacles handle heavier substances, there could be many possible culprits.

Also, if you have multiple clogged drains in your home, the problem could be a main sewer blockage, often caused by tree roots, wet wipes or other dense objects.

Can you fix a clogged drain yourself?

Sometimes, you don’t need a professional plumber to fix a blocked drain. Here are three simple at-home methods:

  1. Straighten a wire coat hanger and make a half-inch hook at the end. Push it to the bottom of the drain and twist it to remove hair or other blockages.
  2. You can pour baking soda down the clogged drain. Then, pour in vinegar. This can dissolve the obstruction.
  3. Pour boiling water into the drain to loosen the clogs. However, you should only do this once, as boiling water can damage PVC piping.

A general note of warning: don’t do anything that might damage your pipes, including using caustic cleaning products.

What makes a drain smell bad?

Drain odors are caused by many of the same substances that clog drains: old food, grease, soap, hair and sundry refuse. If these substances stay in pipes for a while, they may rot. Pretty unpleasant, we know!

You can sometimes fix a drain odor yourself by thoroughly cleaning the trap, pouring in boiling water, adding lemon peels, or trying baking soda and vinegar. If the smell persists, reach out to the Seymour team for help.

When is it time to call in the pros at Seymour Oil & Propane?

If these at-home fixes don’t work to clear a drain or get rid of a foul smell, you should get into contact with a professional plumber like the team at Seymour. Additionally, you should always call in a professional if you have multiple drain clogs, indicating an issue with the main.

Typically, our plumbing team can resolve your drain issue incredibly quickly. Our experienced, licensed plumbers will figure out the cause and fix it right the first time. We always stand behind our work!

Need a drain cleaning? Contact the pros at Seymour Oil & Propane today.