Should You Install Central Air or a Mini-Split?

Written on: March 27, 2023

We’ll find the right HVAC equipment for your home and budget.

air conditioning new haven county, ct Saying goodbye to winter is a relief for many of us — no more snow-shoveling or off-the-charts heating bills.

But before you know it, the summer heat will arrive in full force. Does your home have a cooling system that can withstand the sizzle? If you’ve been getting by with room fans and inefficient window air conditioners — or if your home’s cooling equipment is on its last legs — get in touch with the HVAC pros at Seymour Oil & Propane. We do central air and mini-split installation in Oxford, Southbury, Fairfield and other western Connecticut communities.

We can help you determine if a central A/C or mini-split system is better for your home and family.

What’s the difference between central A/C and mini-splits?

Mini-splits and central A/C equipment are both effective ways to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. But they differ in terms of their size, placement and operation.

Central A/C systems have a single indoor unit that cools an entire house through ductwork and vents. A mini-split system has a separate indoor unit called an air handler that cools each zone in your home. These air handlers can be mounted on walls, on floors and in ceilings. So, which households should consider which cooling option?

Which households should choose central A/C?

To use central A/C, your house needs to have ductwork. If you have a forced air heating system with a furnace, then you can use the same ducts to deliver cool air from a central A/C. This A/C option is controlled via a thermostat; typically, you heat the whole home to a single temperature.

Installing a central A/C normally takes longer than a mini-split installation, but the cost is typically lower.

If your home does not have ductwork (for example, if it has a boiler heating system with radiators), then we will either need to install ducts, or you can opt for a ductless system.

Which households should choose a ductless mini-split system?

Many customers don’t want to make the time and money commitment of installing new ductwork for central A/C. Luckily, they still have an ideal solution for long-lasting, high-quality cooling: ductless mini-splits.

You generally control mini-splits with a remote, and often they can be installed for zoned cooling. So, you can maintain different rooms at different temperatures.

Mini-split systems can be more expensive to install than central A/C, but operating them is less costly. And the installation process often takes less than a day. Today’s ductless systems also have a significantly longer lifespan, often north of 20 years!

Want one more reason to consider a ductless mini-split? They can provide supplemental heat in cooler months.

Seymour’s team can guide you to the best home cooling option.

Don’t wait until the height of summer to get a high-performance, high-efficiency home cooling system. Our expert technicians can provide a thorough assessment of your home and recommend the perfect central A/C or ductless mini-split product. Then, we’ll install it promptly, correctly and well before the summer’s first sweltering afternoon!

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